The US Parliament has officially passed the $ 740 billion Defense Policy Bill

The US Parliament (House of Representatives and Senate) has officially passed the $ 740 billion Defense Policy Bill. It also includes opposition to China’s aggression against India over LAC.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) provisions against opposition to Chinese aggression show strong support from the US for allies like India in the Indo-Pacific and other regions.
The law, passed in the US, also included significant portions of the language of Indian-American lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy’s resolution and urged the Chinese government to end military aggression against India with the LAC.

There has been a military standoff between India and China since May this year in East Ladakh. The Bipartisan Congressional Conference Committee prepared the final bill by combining the House and Senate versions of the bill earlier this month. Krishnamurthy’s resolution was passed with unprecedented bipartisan support in both houses.

The US Parliament has officially passed the $ 740 billion Defense Policy Bill
The US Parliament has officially passed the $ 740 billion Defense Policy Bill

It will become law with the signature of President Trump. Trump has threatened to use the veto against the bill, as it does not talk of revoking legal protection for social media companies.

Indian Parliamentarian Raja Krishnamurthy said, “Violent aggression is not the answer to anything and this is especially true in the case of LAC, a disputed border area separating China from India.”

“By including the language of my proposal in the NDAA and converting it into law after signing this bill, the US government will give a clear message that Chinese aggression against India is unacceptable,” he said.

The United States has recently expressed grief over the insult of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Washington DC. White House press secretary Kelly McKechnie said, “We respect Mahatma Gandhi and everyone should do it.”

He said, everything that happened in the past is frightening. Let me tell you that on December 12, some people demonstrated here in support of the farmer movement. Bapu’s statue was damaged amid pro-Khalistan slogans.

Calli said, no statue or memorial should be damaged, no Gandhi statue at all. America also supports the values ​​he fought. Peace, justice and freedom. Gandhi should be respected.

Prior to Callie McKechnie, the US State Department also said that we are cautious about the security of foreign embassies in America and take it seriously. We are in touch with the Indian Embassy regarding the recent incident. We know what happened during the demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy.

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