The US will do everything possible to strengthen India against China

The US will do everything possible to strengthen India against China. The decision was taken by the US amid the ongoing conflict on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China. Recently, some confidential documents of the US administration have come out, from which it has been revealed. China has gone stung after this revelation.

According to confidential documents, the US has long ago decided that it will do everything possible to make India stronger than China in the Indian Pacific. The US plans to offer support to India through diplomatic, military and intelligence channels so that India can resolve the border dispute with China.

The documents say that America’s purpose behind helping India is to make India stronger than China in Asia. India will be promoted as a ‘net security provider’ with military support. India will be given diplomatic, military and intelligence support in the context of border disputes with China or China’s efforts to divert rivers coming to India. India’s Act East policy will also be supported to establish itself as a global power. It is in this context that the cooperation between the US, India, Japan and Australia has been sought to develop such cooperation which will help in making the Indian and Pacific region equal opportunities for all.

The US will do everything possible to strengthen India against China
The US will do everything possible to strengthen India against China

The documents speak of increasing military support to India, providing state-of-the-art military technology. Steps have been taken to a large extent between the two countries on all these issues. There has also been talk of making India a member of the Group of Nuclear Suppliers (NSG). Explain that despite strong support from the US, India has not yet become a member of the NSG due to China’s opposition.

The Brahmaputra river is also mentioned in the documents. A large part of this river originates from China, which passes through India into the Bay of Bengal. It has been reported in recent times that China is trying to make some changes with its foundations. This is said to affect a large part of India.

The 10-page document was made public on January 5 by US National Security Adviser Robert O. Bryan and is now posted on the White House website. The US Strategic Framework Document for the Indo-Pacific region states that India is a preferred partner of the United States on security matters.

To a question about confidential documents, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “Some American leaders want to leave a legacy of making confidential documents public.” But its content reveals America’s evil intentions to suppress China, prevent it, and damage regional peace and stability. Or it should be said that America is following the strategy of maintaining Dadagiri. ”

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