The World Health Organization team of scientists will arrive in Wuhan

The World Health Organization (WHO) team of scientists will arrive in Wuhan on Thursday. Before his visit, scientists have made it clear that there is no political motive in his visit. They want to investigate the case of corona virus coming into existence. He has said that the agenda of his visit is clear and no one should have any confusion about it.

This team of scientists will visit the sites from which the corona epidemic began. He will see if there are any samples that are not properly investigated. They will try to understand how the virus has transitioned from another organism to humans. Many scientists, in conversation with different media institutions, asserted that their motive is not to seek China’s fault in the outbreak of this epidemic. Only a few scientists associated with this team are reaching China. The rest will play their part in ongoing studies about this.

Fabian Leindertz, a professor of infectious diseases at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, highlighted the importance of the team’s visit to Wuhan in a conversation with the British newspaper The Guardian. Leindertz is among the scientists visiting Wuhan. He has said that he has no illusions about it that it is from this tour that the team will gain complete knowledge of the origin of Covid-19. Leindertz was also involved in an investigation into the source of the Ebola epidemic that spread across West Africa in 2014. He has also studied how a smallpox infection occurred in humans. Leindertz estimates that smallpox was transmitted from animal to human about 25 thousand years ago.

The World Health Organization team of scientists will arrive in Wuhan
The World Health Organization team of scientists will arrive in Wuhan

Leindertz told The Guardian, we have to see how long it takes us to reach the truth. There is a possibility that we take a picture and return from there. But we will get scientific evidence, it is unlikely. Leindertz said the purpose of his team’s visit is not to blame China. The aim is to reduce the risk for the future. He said, “The media can help us by avoiding showing fingers like a trump. Our work is not political. “

Other scientists also believe that they are going to Wuhan just because it is the best place to start the investigation. According to scientists, so far there is only so much information that viruses like Covid-19 occur in bats. But we still have to find out what was the real source of Covid-19. Has it been transmitted to any other organism and can it be transmitted from human to any other organism?

The WHO team has reported that it has held a few online meetings with Chinese scientists. Now they will sit face to face to discuss this. In an interview with Chinese TV channel CGTN, scientist Marian Coupman, who is going to Wuhan with the team, said that the WHO had warned of the disease. I do not think any country will survive this. Therefore, the matter here is not to blame anyone. The objective is to understand and learn how the world is prepared for such situations in future. Kuppmans said that the epidemic started in Wuhan, so it is appropriate to start the investigation from there. We have to do this with an open mind.

British scientist Professor John Watson, who is in the team, has said that I am going to Wuhan with an open mind. All the teammates are going with this thinking. We want to find out the facts. We do not know that we will find all the answers in the first visit itself. May not be the answer all the time. But this is a beginning.