The world’s most developed and oldest democracy what happened there cannot be imagined

The world’s most developed and oldest democracy in the modern world, is a matter of concern not only for America but also for all democratic countries of the world. The country which teaches democracy and constitutional system to the whole world, what happened there cannot be imagined in any democratic country. As the violent mob of Trump supporters broke into the US Congress’ campus Capitol Hills, also known as the Temple of Democracy, sabotage and violence, which the security forces had to take a front and four people to stop Death occurred This incident has deeply hurt America’s democratic system and its values.

After 1814 in the US, there was such an incident of violence in Capitol Hills, which cannot be expected. The whole world condemned this incident and Donald Trump himself fell alone in his own country, because a large section of his party Republicans have also turned against this incident. Even many people, including former President Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, condemned it, calling it shameful for American democracy.

America is not only the oldest democracy in the modern world, but it has played an important role in the establishment of democracy in the world after two world wars and even today it has an important role in developing and securing the democratic values ​​of the whole world. In the US, such an event is a challenge for democratic powers around the world.

Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi has also expressed grief over this incident and condemned it. Because America is a friend of India and like America, democracy in India is very strong. The incident has also raised a big question about the American law and order system. For a country with a defense budget of more than $ 740 billion and in the forefront of modern communication and information technology, the chaotic and violent crowd inside the house and vandalize it also shows the failure of the entire system.

The world's most developed and oldest democracy what happened there cannot be imagined
The world’s most developed and oldest democracy what happened there cannot be imagined

But the event ended with a very happy conclusion that the joint session of both houses of the US Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) formally certified the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. While this is merely a statutory formality and has been carried out in a very peaceful manner every time, this time from the very beginning, the trump of President Trump presented a major challenge to the US Congress to complete the process, Which he accomplished in a very conjunct and balanced way.

The manner in which the US Congress carried out its responsibility in spite of the chaos of Trump supporters has given evidence of the strength of the roots of America’s democratic system. Donald Trump himself realizes that he has lost the game and has given his approval for peaceful power transfer on 20 January. The process of transfer of power of the US President is an example all over the world and all countries keep an eye on it.

Always this whole process was done in a peaceful manner and no matter how much opposition has been in the elections, the transfer of power has always taken place in an atmosphere of happiness and laughter. Now that Trump has agreed to transfer the power, it is to be expected that everything will be done in a fair and peaceful manner. Finally, we should be expected to assume that India’s relations with the Biden administration will be as strong as in the reigns of Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.

It is to be hoped that there will be no such incident in America, which will give a blow to the democracy there. Because American society is basically a democratic and open society that does not like this kind of violence and anarchy. Many democratic countries of the world have learned from the checks and balances in the system there. India has also adopted many positives about the American Constitution and the democratic system. A peaceful democratic system of power after elections is a basic condition.

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