This time the counting of votes in the US has been prolonged

As per expectation, this time the counting of votes in the US has been prolonged. But one thing became clear in a few hours that the blue wave, which was predicted in most of the Opinion Polls, was nowhere to be found. In America, blue is called the Democratic Party and red is the symbol of the Republican Party. It was anticipated that the Trump administration’s failure to handle the Corona epidemic and the economic catastrophe it caused would trigger a wave in favor of the Democratic Party. But the real results that came out actually indicated the Red Fort to be very strong.

After a long debate in the presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was able to make such an edge that would give him hope of reaching the White House. But it is clear that the election has not proved easy for him. His Democratic Party actually suffered a loss in the parliamentary elections. In the House of Representative election, the Democratic Party has got five seats less this time than the previous House. His dream of getting a large majority in the Senate was also lost.

Political experts said after the trend of election results was clear that the agencies conducting pre-poll surveys were proved to be wrong again, just like four years ago. Now experts are trying to understand how these agencies made the mistake of over-estimating the strength of Joe Biden. Like last time, it has been clarified by the agencies that the Trump supporters did not openly state their priority. Not only did he remain silent, but he lied. But even if this is true, then the question will remain in place that why and how will anyone trust survey agencies now?

This time the counting of votes in the US has been prolonged
This time the counting of votes in the US has been prolonged

The latest election has become evidence of the sharp polarization in American society. According to experts, Donald Trump’s politics of white racism has proved to be very effective. Because of this, their failure to handle the Kovid-19 epidemic did not become the most prominent issue. The exit poll showed that the most important issue in the eyes of the voters was the economy and not the epidemic. And a large section of the electorate seems to agree with Trump that the Trump administration has handled the economy properly. During the Trump campaign, he continued to say that the American economy was performing well before the epidemic. It is clear from the election that there is a very large group in America.

Pointing to the social polarization revealed by these elections in the US, the famous magazine ‘The New Yorker’ wrote in a comment on its website that Biden may win the election, but Trump will remain the President of “Red America”. That is, he will remain the leader of such a large community, which Trump has mobilized with his fierce political style. According to the magazine, this is not a good sign for the country, as it can become the father of social unrest.

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