Thousands of Trump supporters and opposing groups survived violent confrontations

The assumption that was made before the US election results, now seems to be true. The sight as seen on Saturday night in the streets of Washington, the capital of the country, has raised the concerns of common people. Thousands of Trump supporters and large numbers of people from their opposing groups descended on the streets of Washington to protest. Both groups survived violent confrontations.

Thousands of Trump supporters and opposing groups survived violent confrontations
Thousands of Trump supporters and opposing groups survived violent confrontations

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted and blamed the leftist Antifa faction for the confrontation situation. Antifa, an anti-fascist group, is a group of left-leaning youth and militant youth, which Trump has been targeting before. Trump said that dirty people from Antifa tried to attack people at a rally of Trump supporters. People gave a befitting reply, so Antifa waited till night. When 99 percent of the people had left, they attacked the ‘Maga’ supporters.

The Trump supporters named their rally a million ‘Maga’ march. Maga is a shortened version of Trump’s slogan – “Mac America Great Again”. The rally was shown live in the US media. Media reports said that thousands of right-wing and extreme-right groups attended the rally. The rally took place in support of Trump’s claim that Trump won the presidential election, but the Democratic Party rigged Joe Biden as the winner.

Anti-Trump protesters gathered in another part of the city of Washington. He tried to go to the hotel where Trump supporters were staying. The policemen pushed them back from there. The groups that came to the Trump supporter rally included the right-wing groups such as the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers. Also included were people associated with certain groups that spread conspiracy theory. Apart from this, members and leaders of the Republican Party also joined in large numbers. The permission of the police was taken by its organizers for the rally.

Trump had said in a tweet on Friday that he too could attend the rally. When the rally started on Saturday, his caravan passed through the rally. During that time, the people involved in the rally raised loud slogans in his favor. According to CNN news, the police also arrested some people, but how many people were caught, the police did not tell.

According to Oren Sigal, vice-president of the Center for Extremism (Center for Insurgency Studies) in the think-tank Anti-Defamation League, a large number of people came to the rally to show their support for Trump, but this also allowed militants to get into the mainstream Got a chance He has said that in the coming time, the dividing line between the general Conservative and Republican supporters and the militants may become bleak.

Analysts say the sentiment is spreading among Republican supporters that someone has stolen his election victory. America may have to bear the brunt of the resentment that is spreading from it. At the moment, Trump is taking no hesitation in spreading such sentiment, while 306 members of Joe Biden Electoral College have clearly won the presidential election.

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