The controversial Chinese short video app Tiktok (Tiktok) has agreed to go into US ownership over data security. The decision has been taken by Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance after a long debate over the past month.

Tiktok had earlier said that he could sell some stake in the US to avoid the ban, for which US President Donald Trump was not ready and he was going to ban Tiktok today, but at the last moment Tiktok would give the entire stake to the US Agreed to The deal between Microsoft and Tiktok could be in five billion dollars.
According to the news agency Reuters, Microsoft will now be responsible for the data of the users of Tiktok in the US. Users’ data will be stored on Microsoft’s servers. In other words, ByteDance has thrown off its Chinese robe, although there has been no statement from Tiktok or Microsoft regarding this deal with Microsoft.
Explain that after India, America is the second largest market for Tiktok. Tiktok’s monthly active users in the US are 80 million or 80 million. In such a situation, this decision of the company has saved him from big loss. At the same time, the hopes of returning Tiktok to India have also increased.

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