Trump administration has intensified the Mind Game

When the US is in power transfer, the intelligence system associated with the Trump administration has intensified the ‘Mind Game’. According to experts, his effort is that the upcoming Joe Biden administration should also continue the current US stand against China. To create this pressure, the top intelligence officer of the Donald Trump administration has now resorted to the media.

National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe has written an article in the right-wing newspaper The Wall Street Journal, warning that China is now openly preparing to walk the path of confrontation with the US. He said that China has become the biggest threat after the second world war for America and democratic countries around the world.
Ratcliffe has made sensational allegations that China has waged a campaign this year to influence several dozen members of the US Congress (Parliament) and their allies. Several senior officers of Ratcliffe’s first Trump administration have also given such warnings before. Some of them have also advocated military action against China. Analysts consider all these to be part of efforts to influence the policy of the upcoming Biden administration.

Ratcliffe’s article attempts to indicate a particular type of emergency. There is also a sensational claim that China has done some special experiments to artificially enhance the physical capabilities of its soldiers. He has said that Chinese President Xi Jinping has prepared an “aggressive plan” to make China the world’s all-dominant military power. This is being done by stealing American military technology.
Trump administration has intensified the Mind Game

Ratcliffe has said that in the eyes of China, such a world order is historically a deviation in which China is not the head of the world. The US intelligence official alleges that China’s objective is to end freedoms worldwide.

According to US media reports, Joe Biden’s foreign policy team is aware of China’s challenges, but believes that Trump’s stand has benefited China. This happened because the US took all steps without consulting its allies. Major leaders of the Democratic Party have urged the Biden team to take a strict, but different view of Trump’s stand against China.

Biden has appointed Avril Haynes as the next director of National Intelligence, replacing Ratcliffe. After meeting him, Democratic Party leader Chuck Shumer in the Senate said – I have appealed to the Biden team to take a strong stand against China. But this stance should be more intelligent and multilateral, so that the US is not left behind. The need is that America should lead the world in technologies like semiconductors, quantum computing, clean energy, etc.

Biden has said that there are some areas in which the United States is interested in working closely with China. Climate change and North Korea related issues are such areas. Biden’s advisers have said that the elected president will decide to work with his allies on issues such as 5G, intellectual property theft, suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and China’s expansion into the Asian watershed.

It is being speculated now that what will be the actual policy of the Biden administration towards China. Meanwhile, it is clear that the officials of the Trump administration have increased the pressure on the next president not to deviate from President Trump’s China policy. Now observers will be watching to see how truly impressed by Biden’s foreign policy team.

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