Trump supporters breath on the results of nine states

President Donald Trump has received 48 percent (6.86 crore) in the counting of votes so far, which Biden has received 50.4 percent of the vote (7.20 crore). Trump supporters breath on the results of nine states. Joe Biden’s 270 electoral votes are almost certain. There are currently 3 electoral votes in Alaska, 11 in Arizona, 6 in Nawada, 15 in North Carolina, 16 in Georgia and 20 in Pennsylvania. Republicans feel they may get some respectable results from here.

The way was cleared for Mr. Thanedar of Indian origin to become the House of Representative. He won the election in Michigan with 93 percent of the vote. Shoedar is a scientist. Thanes keep their bullying in Michigan. Mr. Thanedar, who is interested in politics, has previously contested the post of Governor, although he had to face defeat in this.

President Trump’s team is engaged in resorting to legal bets. It is considering to stop it by filing a petition in the Supreme Court alleging rigging of counting in these states. Team Trump believes that Democrats in Nawada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin are moving fast. Counting is being done here. Regarding this, a petition has been filed in some states to stop the counting work and in some states, the counting of votes is being considered.

Trump supporters breath on the results of nine states
Trump supporters breath on the results of nine states

Current diplomats, current experts eyeing US politics, believe that Trump’s attempts to disrupt the election process by taking refuge in Team Trump’s court could put America in the grip of violent protests. Keeping in mind the violence and performance, people have kept a high level of vigilance at their level and the administration level. The White House is surrounded by steel barricades. Security forces are deployed, but people are beginning to fear that this situation may reach explosive levels. It is believed that if this happens, America may have to take help of army, Homeland Security and others to deal with this situation.

Republicans (election symbol-elephant) are focused on President Donald J. Trump’s strategy, while Democrat (election symbol-donkey) candidates are discussing the next strategy with Biden. Although the Democrats have a happy atmosphere. Because Trump has received 48.0 percent of the vote so far, Joe Biden has recorded the highest record turnout so far. Democrats are also very active about Team Trump’s legal cut.

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