Tuesday is the last day of President Donald Trump's term

Tuesday is the last day of President Donald Trump’s term. On Wednesday (Wednesday night according to Indian time) the new President Joe Biden will take over as the US President. Trump’s term will be remembered for ignoring established traditions. Going by the trump is breaking another tradition. According to the American tradition, the new president has been invited to the White House by inviting the outgoing president. They also take the elected president along with him to Capitol Hill for the oath taking and attend the ceremony there. But Trump will not do it. He will leave the White House on Wednesday morning before being sworn in.

According to reports, Trump will move out of Washington before being sworn in. So Biden and his wife will be welcomed into the White House by Timothy Harleth, a White House usher (sub-teacher). Harleth was appointed to this post by Trump in 2107. After noon on Wednesday, Biden will visit the National Cemetery Arlington and offer flowers.

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will accompany them on this occasion. At the same time, most of Biden’s belongings will be delivered to the White House. At the same time, there will be complete cleanliness of the White House. New protocols are being adopted this time due to the corona epidemic.

According to reports in the US media, Trump also made considerable changes within the White House. Donald Trump slept most of the time instead of his bedroom, which used to be the study hall of the earlier presidents. This place was converted into a bedroom by Trump. While his wife Melania Trump spent most of the time in the spacious bedroom in the White House. On Monday, Trump’s goods were transported by trucks to Mar-a-Lego located on Palm Beach in the state of Florida. After the presidential term, Trump has decided to make this place his residence.

Tuesday is the last day of President Donald Trump's term
Tuesday is the last day of President Donald Trump’s term

Observers say Trump’s decision to boycott the oath taking ceremony did not surprise anyone here. Trump was known for his four-year break of manners and his childish behavior at times. He never showed respect for his former president (Barack Obama), nor did he use courtesy for his successor (Joe Biden).

According to reports in the US media, following the footsteps of her husband, Melania Trump has also not approached the next First Lady Jill Biden. Whereas it has been the tradition that the outgoing First Lady has been inviting the new First Lady to visit the White House. Melania Trump has not been seen in public anywhere in the past two weeks.

There have been instances in the past that the First Lady did not let the bitterness of the election campaign dominate her and play a concession. A report published on the CNN website cited former White House officials. One of them said, “I remember that in 1992, Barbara Bush welcomed Hillary Clinton.” Then in 2000 Hillary Clinton welcomed Laura Laura. The election campaign on both occasions was very confrontational. But on both occasions, the outgoing First Lady showed full dignity and a sense of hospitality.

But Donald Trump and his family are not known for such sentiment. The rude behavior was kept by Trump as his political capital. Keeping him in charge, he is leaving the White House.