21 terrorists and killers in Iraq were mass hanged

There are reports of terrorist attacks in Iraq. Recently, Twenty one terrorists and killers in Iraq were mass hanged on Monday. Iraq’s interior ministry issued a statement giving this information.

These terrorists and murderers were hanged in the prison of Nasiria, a city in southern Iraq. These include the accused involved in two suicide attacks in the northern city of Afghanistan. Dozens of people were killed in these attacks. The ministry in its statement did not reveal the identities of the hanged terrorists and killers, nor did they state that they were convicted for the crimes.

Twenty one terrorists and killers in Iraq were mass hanged
Twenty one terrorists and killers in Iraq were mass hanged

Hundreds of suspected jihadists have been prosecuted and mass hanged in Iraq since the Islamic State was defeated in the US pro-military campaign from 2014 to 2017. Human rights groups have accused Iraqi and other regional forces of inconsistencies in the judicial process and lapses in lawsuits, but Iraq says its prosecutions are fair. The Islamic State captured one-third of Iraq in 2014, but was largely defeated in Iraq and neighboring Syria over the course of three years.

Let us tell you that after tearing feet from Syria and Iraq, the terrorist organization Islamic State ie IS has changed its strategy. According to a report in the past, the Islamic State is now trying to gain a foothold in South Asia. It is also getting full protection in Pakistan. In a webinar organized outside the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, experts considered the situation in Afghanistan worrisome. Experts said that some of the Taliban-separated commanders in Afghanistan are joining IS and recruiting fighters.

Recently, the United Nations said in its estimate that more than 10,000 Islamic State combatants are active in Syria and Iraq and this year’s attacks have increased significantly. Despite the defeat of the Islamic State on the battlefield, small groups of these terrorist organizations are independently active in these two countries. Not only this, the scope of Islamic State extremist group is also increasing. IS terrorists are now carrying out dangerous activities in countries other than Syria and Iraq.