Two people lost their lives in a dispute over Prophet Mohammed

This is the second terrorist incident in France in the past three weeks. This time, two people lost their lives in a dispute over Prophet Mohammed in the northeastern region of Paris, the capital of France. A man beheaded his child’s history teacher because he showed the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to the children and discussed it. The attacker was later killed in police action.

According to a police officer, the attacker, angry with the teacher’s action, cut off his head with a knife. On receiving the information, the accused escaped. Going about 600 meters away, he started shouting slogans and refused to surrender by showing the gun to the police. When he set a gun for the attack, the police force retaliated and killed him.

President Emanuel Macron called it an Islamic terrorist attack and urged the country to unite against extremism. Officials said that this history teacher showed the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad to the children.

President Emmanuel Macron visited the town of Conflans-Saint-Honorin, where the deceased worked as a history teacher. During this time he also met the staff of the school. At the same time, three ambulances were seen at the scene and a large number of armed policemen were seen deployed in the entire area.

Two people lost their lives in a dispute over Prophet Mohammed
Two people lost their lives in a dispute over Prophet Mohammed

Macron said, one of our compatriots was killed today because he taught freedom of expression, freedom to believe or not believe. He said, France should not be divided by this attack, because this is the intention of the extremist. We have to stand together like citizens.

The incident has come to light in France when the Macron government is working on a bill regarding Islamic fundamentalists. Authorities say extremists are creating a parallel society outside the values ​​of the French Republic. France has the largest population of Muslims in Western Europe. France has 5 million Muslims and Islam is the second largest religion in the country.

The French counter-terrorism prosecutor has launched an investigation into the suspected terrorist motive behind the teacher’s murder. The Office of the Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor Jean-François Ricard reported that four people have been detained, including a minor, hours after the incident.

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