UK will become the first country to use the vaccine

The UK will become the first country to use the vaccine produced by Pfizer / Bioentech this week. The government has said that the vaccine will be provided first in hospitals, only then it will be available in clinics.

Vaccination campaign will start in the country from Tuesday. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is giving top priority to people over 80 years of age, healthcare workers and frontline workers in vaccination.

The UK had last week given permission for emergency use of the vaccine produced by Pfizer / BioNotech. It had become the first country to do so. Regarding vaccination to fight corona, it has been reported that this is going to be the most important mass vaccination program in the history so far.

UK will become the first country to use the vaccine
UK will become the first country to use the vaccine

In England, 50 hospitals have initially been selected as hubs for vaccine operations. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will also begin their immunization programs from hospitals from Tuesday. Croydon University Hospital in South London became the first hospital in Britain to receive a vaccine delivery on Sunday.

Around 800,000 doses of the vaccine are expected to be available in the UK from next week. However, the government has so far ordered 40 million vaccine doses. These are sufficient for the vaccination of two crore people, who are to be given two doses of vaccine in a span of 21 days.

Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the coming week would be a historic moment as we begin vaccination against Covid-19. We are first of all giving priority to people who are more likely to fall prey to it and those above 80 years of age. Home staff and NHS partners will be among the first to receive the vaccine. He said, I urge everyone to play their part to fight this virus and follow local restrictions to protect them during this important work being done by the NHS.

This is a new type of mRNA corona vaccine, using small fragments of the genetic code of the corona virus collected during an epidemic. According to the company, small pieces of genetic code increase immunity within the body and prepare the body to fight against Covid-19. Before this, the mRNA vaccine has not been approved for use on the human body. However, during clinical trials, people have been given doses of this type of vaccine.

The vaccine is injected into the human body. They tell the immune system to make antibodies to fight the corona virus and to activate the T-cell and destroy the infected cells. After this, if a person is infected with Covid-19, then antibodies and T-cells in his body get started fighting the virus. Vaccines have to be stored at -70 degrees and packed in special boxes.

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