United States is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

The United States is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, while a recent report has revealed the ongoing dangerous condition in this country. A study by Brown University in Rhodes Island, US, concludes that the number of civilians killed in air strikes in the United States and its allies has increased by 330 percent in the last three years in Afghanistan. The US sent its troops to Afghanistan nearly two decades ago as part of its ‘War on Terror’ campaign. But this report is an indication that the US military campaign was not successful in its purpose.

According to this report, about 700 civilians were killed in air strikes in 2019. This is the highest number since 2001. It was only in 2001 that the United States and its allies sent troops to Afghanistan. Researchers have said that the increase in air strikes occurred because the number of US troops on the ground is now much lower than before. However, the report also said that America’s motive behind increasing airstrikes may also be to increase pressure on the Taliban, so that it can be involved in peace talks. It has been pointed out that the US airstrikes have come down after US agreement with Taliban in February this year.

But the death of innocent people in air strikes is a big question on the American campaign. At the same time, it has also raised the question whether the US will continue the air strike on this country even after returning its troops from Afghanistan. Also, will any accountability be fixed for the deaths of innocent people? British analyst Tom Fowdy has written on the Russia Today website – the question is what will happen next? It is a spider that has no answer. It is clear that the rebels will not be defeated. The possibility that they stay together with the Afghan government seems remote. American intervention will fight and provoke. Its final loss is to the common people of the country.

United States is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan
United States is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

Although it has been claimed that there has been a decrease in US air strikes this year, the latest report states that 86 civilians were killed in Afghan government air strikes in the first six months of 2020. 103 people were injured in these attacks. Last month, the NGO ‘Save the Children’ reported in a report that an average of five children have been killed or injured every day in Afghanistan in the last 14 years. According to United Nations data, 26,025 children were killed or disabled in attacks in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2019.

According to reports published in international media, the balance of power in Afghanistan is changing due to the preparation of the US to withdraw its army. Now, the responsibility of handling the situation has fallen on Afghanistan’s own army. This has increased the number of civilian deaths. For this reason, fear of increasing discontent and extremism is being expressed in the country. That is why critics have criticized US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the army. He said that Trump was stepping back from his responsibility by handing Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

Critics have said that despite all the campaigns against the Taliban for the last 20 years, this radical Islamic organization has not been eradicated. Whereas American forces came to Afghanistan for this purpose. During this period, destruction and massacres happened a lot, but the US and its allies have failed in the real purpose.

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