United States President Joe Biden will announce his priorities in Economics

United States President Joe Biden will announce his priorities in Economics on Thursday. The eyes of the entire country and the whole world are focused on his statement. Meanwhile, in a tweet on Tuesday night (according to Indian time), Biden indicated in which direction he wanted to move. In this tweet, he supported the demand for a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour. The Democratic Party’s progressive faction has been raising this demand for a long time.

Biden said- “Long time has passed for the increase in salary of Nutanam.” The time has come to do this so that working people can earn at least $ 15 per hour. I hope that having a majority of the Democratic Party in the House (of Representatives) and Senate will help in taking quick steps in this direction. ‘

Biden earlier in another tweet supported the demand to increase the Corona relief package to $ 2000 per person. The proposal could not be passed in the Senate last month due to opposition from the Republican Party. The resolution passed then provided for only $ 600 per person.

These announcements of Biden have led to speculation that the Biden administration will adopt a progressive agenda in economics. This expectation is also bolstered by the fact that Socialist leader Bernie Sanders has been appointed chairman of the Senate budget committee. Sanders has long raised demands such as a $ 15 per hour minimum wage, health care for all, and a free college education. The Democratic Party won both seats on January 5 in the election for two Senate seats in the state of Georgia. This makes this party a majority in the Senate. This opened the way for Sanders to become chairman of the Budget Committee. Analysts speculate that this has now made it easier for the Biden administration to pass progressive economic steps to the Congress (Parliament).

United States President Joe Biden will announce his priorities in Economics
United States President Joe Biden will announce his priorities in Economics

The budget committee of the Senate is considered very powerful. The role of this committee is very important in finalizing the tax and spending proposals. Sanders is an independent senator from the state of Vermont. But they work closely with the Democratic Party. In the last two presidential elections, he tried to win the Democratic Party’s candidacy. For this, he put forward the Radical Economic Agenda in the campaigns run for it.

Analysts believe that Sanders will now try to implement that agenda. In an interview to the newspaper New York Times, Sanders said that the country is currently in a very serious economic crisis. To get out of this, we should take steps as fast as possible.

The New York Times has raised the possibility that Sanders will make an impact on tax, health care, climate change policies and many other domestic issues. Sanders told this newspaper that although the Democratic Party has a slim majority, there are some Senate procedures that allow this party to pass its agenda. They have said that they will resort to the same procedures through which former President George Bush and President Donald Trump passed their proposal of tax cuts for the rich.

Sanders’ agenda now is to raise taxes on the rich and introduce welfare schemes for the common man. Many of these steps are what Biden promised. Biden’s initial announcements indicated that he was serious about keeping those promises. There will also be pressure on Sanders to do so as chairman of the Budget Committee.

In a conversation with the New York Times, Sanders said he had been in talks with Joe Biden about the Corona relief package. He said he would not impose his priorities like Medicare for All on the Biden administration. But they will adopt procedures that allow Democratic administrations to go beyond the traditional budget and implement new policies. Sanders said that the need is to find a solution to the structural problems of America and they will have to try to go in that direction. Now the country has a statement of Joe Biden coming on Thursday, which is expected to clarify the picture in terms of future administration economy.

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