US lawmakers summoned Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majid Khan

After the threat from the US, Pakistan has kept Ahmed Umar Saeed Sheikh, the killer of American journalist Daniel Pearl, in a safe house instead of jail, where he will be given all the facilities. Meanwhile, US lawmakers summoned Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majid Khan. Meanwhile, US lawmakers issued a statement asking the Pakistan government to fully examine the release of Daniel Pearl’s killer.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Islamabad issued a statement saying that the United States would continue to bring justice to its citizen and Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl. There is strong evidence against Pearl’s killers. We have told the Pakistan government that the release of Pearl’s killers will not be tolerated.

American journalist Daniel Pearl visited Pakistan in 2002, collecting information for a story on the relationship between terrorist organization al-Qaeda and the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. During this time he also got evidence of the relationship between the terrorist organization and the intelligence agency. Then Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded and murdered after several tortures. America had expressed strong opposition to Pearl’s murder. Under pressure, the government of Pakistan arrested four people for the murder, including the main accused Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

US lawmakers summoned Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majid Khan
US lawmakers summoned Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majid Khan

In 2002, when Pearl’s killer Sheikh was arrested, he was kept in a death cell. In this barrack, people who have been sentenced to death are kept. In a few days, Saeed and his four companions were shifted to General Barrack. Now it will be kept in a safe house with all facilities. Also, the Supreme Court has approved Sheikh and the rest of the accused to meet the family.

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