US President Donald Trump is not going to quit easily

US President Donald Trump has given many indications by his gesture that he is not going to quit easily but that he can spoil the whole system if he tries to do so.

Trump’s entire life has been full of clues that he does not accept defeat easily. He has spent his entire term of presidency full of immaturity, inflammatory rhetoric, the theory of self-perpetuating conspiracy and one of his own kind with the Patriots.

The clues of Trump not giving up caught the speed of light when Trump lost the election and did not accept it. The culmination of all this was seen on Wednesday, when Trump supporters moved on from the President to go to the Capitol (US Parliament) and fight against the stolen election and the supporters took over the building in an explosive confrontation got changed. The result was the death of one Capitol Police officer and four others.

US President Donald Trump is not going to quit easily

Trump, who believed his words and his own actions to be true in the presidency and in his life, turned his bankrupt procedures into success, made tremors in the presidential office making golden achievements, and made the impeachment process his own martyrdom. But after this, he suffered the biggest loss in the form of elections.

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