US President Donald Trump is still waiting for the White House

US President Donald Trump is still waiting for the White House. Even after the presidential election results are out, he hopes for a miracle. However, now it is difficult, but not willing to accept the trump. The voting of black voters has played an important role in the election results. In such a situation, Trump has now blamed his defeat on these black voters.

The reason for the reversal, Trump said, is related to the invalidation of ballot papers cast in Philadelphia, Detroit and other Democrat cities. Let us know that after the election results from almost every US state, people associated with Trump’s campaign are targeting only those places which are most likely to be fraudulent.

There has also been a lot of criticism about the president’s incumbency and comments on racial discrimination. Trump’s lawyers have not presented any evidence of widespread fraud in court. They have had little success in this matter so far in view of legal challenges.

US President Donald Trump is still waiting for the White House
US President Donald Trump is still waiting for the White House

At the same time, Katrina Pearson, a senior consultant for the Trump campaign, said in defense that the purpose is to protect the vote of every legal voter, including black voters, by defending the integrity of the election. He said that the most irregularities have occurred in the most populous and majority Democrat areas.

He said Trump had more support from the black community in total votes than any candidate in the modern history of the Republican Party. “Democrats have used and abused the vote of black voters for their own political gains for decades, and their behavior proves that nothing has changed,” Pearson said.

Significantly, the people of Donald Trump’s campaign are trying to change the results in the major states, and that’s why Trump met with Republican lawmakers in Michigan on Friday. Trump met with Senate leader Mike Shirke and House Speaker Lee Chatfield in the White House, who said they had no information that would change Michigan’s electoral outcome.

Trump has also suffered a setback in Georgia. It has also become a state to formally declare its result. He has been severely criticized by many Republican leaders, including Senator Mitt Romney, after Trump’s statement about the Michigan decision. He has said that it cannot be imagined that any outgoing American President had done such undemocratic work to remain in power.

Michigan’s election agency recommended on Friday that state election surveyors verify the results of the November 3 election the following week. The decision would provide the basis for Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, but may not have ended party differences over voting. The recommendation was released online with formal notice of Monday’s meeting of the Board of State Canvassers.

It was recommended at the end of a week of upheaval. In the same week, Trump on Friday summoned representatives of Republican Party states to the White House in an unusual attempt to quell Biden’s 1,54,000-vote victory. Surveyors of the Republican Party in Wayne, Michigan’s largest county, on Tuesday refused to verify the local results but changed their stance on Zoom after hours of intense public criticism.

He then spoke to Trump and said a day later that he was rejecting his earlier vote but by then it was too late. The State Election Bureau said that all 83 counties of Michigan have sent their verified results to the capital, Lansing.

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