US President Joe Biden has made it clear by imposing new strict sanctions on Russia

By imposing new strict sanctions on Russia, US President Joe Biden has made it clear that sanctions and other aggressive methods will continue to be important in his foreign policy. But analysts here are surprised that despite such a tough stance, Biden is also giving a message to keep the avenues of dialogue open with Russia or China. While the other side’s strong reaction to his footsteps is imminent.

Biden called for a ‘dialogue and diplomatic process’ with Russia just hours after sanctions were announced on Russian authorities on Thursday. Talking to reporters at the White House, he said that in a recent phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he warned of the restrictions. But he said that he proposed a summit meeting with Putin this year. He hoped that Russia would initiate a ‘strategic dialogue’ with the US to advance the agenda of cooperation in matters such as Iran, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Significantly, the new restrictions have recently been imposed in Russia’s alleged hand in hacking of data from US government departments and companies and in Russia’s alleged interference in the US election. The Biden administration alleges that in the last presidential election, just like in 2016, Russia tried to create an atmosphere in favor of Donald Trump. Russia has denied both of these allegations. Shortly after the announcement of the new US sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the action taken by the US will be responded to in the same proportion. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the US Ambassador to Moscow has been called for ‘strict talks’. Zakharova said – “This meeting will not be unfavorable.”

The US has imposed restrictions on 30 Russian individuals and organizations. These people will not be able to use American financial institutions. Analysts have said that the latest announcement by the Biden administration is a strict step taken against Russia after years. Former President Donald Trump had made strong statements against Russia several times, but his administration did not take any drastic action. There has long been a complaint within the US that Russian organizations are involved in hacking in the US. But experts say that nothing can be said about how effective the steps taken on Thursday will be.

US President Joe Biden has made it clear by imposing new strict sanctions on Russia
US President Joe Biden has made it clear by imposing new strict sanctions on Russia

Republican lawmakers have welcomed the new sanctions imposed on Russia. But he has strongly criticized the Biden administration for not including the issue of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline under sanctions. This pipeline is being laid from Russia to Germany. If restrictions are imposed on the parties involved in this case, then Germany will also be affected by it. After the announcement of the sanctions, Republican Senator Jim Risch said that by not banning the Nord Stream-2 case, the Biden administration has made it clear that it is pulling back.

Republican member of the House of Representatives Michael Mackall said – if the Biden administration is really serious about forcing the Putin government to pay the price, it should make sure that the Nord Stream-2 project is never completed. Significantly, the new US sanctions have been supported by the European Union, Britain, Australia and Canada and have announced to implement it on their own. Analysts say that if sanctions were imposed in the case of Nord Stream-2, it could break the US alliance, as the European Union may not agree on it.

Analysts are of the opinion that with Biden’s latest steps, it has become clear that there will be no significant change in US policy during his time in foreign affairs. The US will continue with a policy of imposing sanctions or unilateral bombings. Significantly, the US bombed Syria in February last. This policy has raised questions about Biden’s willingness to negotiate or give importance to diplomacy. Because the other side will probably respond to the aggressive attitude of the US and this will add to the atmosphere.

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