US President Joe Biden has now fallen under criticism

US President Joe Biden has now fallen under criticism in his party after allowing air strikes on Syria. Apart from this, many law experts have also raised strong questions on this decision of Biden. These experts say that there was no statutory basis for these attacks.

Two days ago, the Biden administration announced that the US had bombed the bases of two Iran-backed armed groups in Syria. During this time 500-pound bombs were dropped. The Biden administration said that these armed groups attacked the US forces near Irbil in Iraq. This action was taken to avenge this.

But this action has been severely criticized by many Democratic Party MPs. He has said that America is not going to war with Syria. Congress (US Parliament) did not allow any attack. These lawmakers say that Biden allowed illegal attacks in this form.

Democratic Party Senator Tim Kaine said – ‘Military strikes are not constitutional without congressional approval. It can be done only in exceptional circumstances. ”Tim Kaine said that Congress only has the right to declare war according to the US Constitution. The President cannot do this.

Ro Khanna, a member of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, said the military strikes the president allowed were in no way justified. Ilhan Omar, a member of the same House, cited a 2017 tweet by the White House’s current press secretary, Jane Saki, in which Saki criticized former President Donald Trump’s decision to attack Syria. He then asked – “What is the legal validity of the attack.” Syria is a sovereign country. ”Elhan Omar re-tweeted Saki’s tweet, calling it an important question.

When Trump allowed an attack on Syria in 2018, he was also questioned by current Vice President and then Senator Kamala Harris. Critics have also cited this now. Many Democratic Party leaders have refused to accept the Biden administration’s contention that Iran-backed factions pose a threat to American troops, so the US acted in its defense.

Some analysts have pointed out that although the Congress has the right to take decisions about the war, the Congress has not done this responsibility for decades. He pointed out that the US fought wars in Korea and Vietnam without congressional approval. The flaws in the pass bill for the attack on Afghanistan in 2001 have been constantly discussed.

But in 2019, the Congress tried to regain its war-related authority. Congress then passed the War Rights Resolution, through which the Trump administration’s intention to send the US Army to Yemen was foiled. Now Democrat lawmakers have said that the rules made for the Trump administration also apply to the Biden administration.

Mary Alan O’Connell, a professor of law at Indiana-based Notre Dame University, told the website Vox that the Biden administration should have gone to Congress before allowing the attack. There was no immediate danger, which needed immediate action to avoid.

US President Joe Biden has now fallen under criticism
US President Joe Biden has now fallen under criticism

Democratic Party Senator Chris Murphy said on Friday – such retaliatory actions that are not meant to avert immediate danger are within the scope of Congress’ rules authorizing military action. In this case, the Congress should apply the same criteria to the current administration as it did to the previous administration.

spokespersons could not tell what the immediate threat posed to US forces in Syria or Iraq. They just said that these attacks were done to prevent Iran’s attacks on Americans in the future.

After this, criticism of this action started in the progressive circles of America. But the more uncomfortable position for President Biden has stemmed from criticism within his Democratic Party.

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