Warning letter regarding the safety of Chinese students studying in Australia

The deteriorating relationship between Australia and China in the last one year is having a direct impact on the future of Chinese students studying there. In view of the anti-Chinese environment in Australia, attacks on Chinese students and the Covid-19 epidemic, China’s Ministry of Education has issued a fresh warning letter regarding the safety of Chinese students studying in Australia.

The ministry has said that Chinese students should consider the anti-China mentality of local people and the risks present in the country before going to Australia. It is noteworthy that the recent attacks on Chinese students at several places in Australia pose a serious threat to their personal safety. China issued a re-warning in 2021 after issuing the first warning to Australia in June 2020.

Chinese experts believe that the continuing warning of the Chinese government reflects the deteriorating relationship between China and Australia. China alleges that the Australian government and its media are spewing venom against China. The Australian Government continues to attack against China, with the media playing a major role. Especially after the Kovid-19 epidemic, local Australians have done poisoning against China.

According to information provided by a non-profit organization, according to Chen Hong, director of the Shanghai-based Australian Studies Center, the number of reports of abuse and beating of Chinese students in Australia is increasing. Attacks include physical injury and verbal insults. Like calling Chinese students “Chigga” etc. Chen says the discriminatory problem facing Chinese students in Australia has become a serious concern for China’s Department of Education.

Warning letter regarding the safety of Chinese students studying in Australia
Warning letter regarding the safety of Chinese students studying in Australia

The latest warning from the Department of Education states the legitimate concern of the Chinese government to ensure the safety of Chinese students studying in Australia. He said that it could be presumed that the Australian side could defend itself by saying that reports of anti-China attacks were only isolated in the country.

Nearly a dozen Chinese students studying in Australia also suggested to Chinese applicants to seriously consider the problem of discrimination, the Kovid-19 epidemic, visa restrictions and low-quality online learning. Education experts asked the government to heed the warning. He also said that travel restrictions and an unfriendly China policy, as well as other uncertainties, put psychological pressure on Chinese students.

Qin Lin, an associate researcher at China’s National Institute of Education Sciences, told the Global Times that there are other better options for Chinese students to study abroad, such as Britain and Canada. He said that the number of students going to Australia fell sharply in 2020 and it is not expected to improve much in 2021.

China is also the largest source of international students in Australia. Data released by the Australian Home Department shows that in 2020 more than 220,000 Chinese students were registered in Australia.