Weakened the belief that vaccination will free the epidemic

After Joe Biden became president in the US, hopes of a rapid vaccination for the prevention of corona virus infection are now crumbling. The fourth wave of infection in many states of the country has weakened the belief that vaccination will free the epidemic. There is confusion about this new situation even within the White House. It is clear from the reports in the US media that the White House wants to maintain hope among the people, but it also wants that people do not give any laxity in caution.

According to a news from TV channel CNN, at a meeting in the White House, President Biden expressed deep concern that many Americans are no longer following the necessary precautions to prevent infection. According to CNN, the meeting took place last Friday. In this, the latest situation of the epidemic was reviewed. During this time the President said, “Cases are increasing again. In many places the virus is spreading more rapidly. The death toll is increasing in some states. Therefore, I request you to not let the progress that we have made with great difficulty go away with your hands. ‘

Last Friday, Dr. Rochelle Wallensky, director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appealed to people at a press conference to continue to take precautions. Reports published in the media stated that Dr. Walenski’s style was filled with deep concern at this press conference after saying optimistic things for weeks. The CDC also released new guidelines on visits on Friday. Dr. Walenski said that the risk of traveling to people who have received the vaccine is low. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to travel due to increase in cases of infection.

Weakened the belief that vaccination will free the epidemic
Weakened the belief that vaccination will free the epidemic

In a recent poll, 65 percent of Americans support President Biden’s efforts to combat the corona virus. Despite this, some questions have also been raised on the ongoing vaccination in the country. For example, a report stated that one and a half million doses of the vaccine were wasted due to production flaws. This is understood to mean that the country has still not become fully efficient in dealing with the Corona crisis. On the other hand, experts have pointed out that right now 100 million people in the country are getting vaccinated. Then 150 million people are still left, who have not had a single dose of it. In this case, the scope of infection is completely left.

Meanwhile, health officials have said that the biggest uncertainty is about the new variants (variants) of the virus. A strain named B.1.1.7 is behaving in a way that is new. The highest impact has been seen in the state of Michigan. There are a large number of young people in the new corona patients admitted to hospitals. According to experts, many earlier estimates are now proving to be wrong.

White House officials have said that they are preparing themselves for precarious situations. He has said in a media briefing that the White House has considered dozens of situations arising. One of the possible situations is that the epidemic is as serious as it is before it is renewed. At present, the emphasis is on increasing the pace of vaccination more and more, but the emphasis is also on taking other precautionary measures. Therefore, an appeal has been again issued to the people to strictly follow the measures to avoid infection.

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