WHO has given a stern warning that Middle East countries

Corona continues to wreak havoc in the world. So far more than 5 crore people have been infected with this dangerous virus, while more than 13 lakh people have died. To overcome the corona, research is being done at every level by scientists from India and abroad. While many countries of the world are constantly trying to make vaccines, in many countries the vaccine trial is in its final stages, but despite all these, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given a stern warning that Middle East countries The second wave of corona coming in will be extremely dangerous.

The WHO has said that the way the cases are increasing in winter, it is clear that corona virus infection in Middle East countries will go to its dangerous level. WHO has said that people need to be very cautious in this season.

The WHO has asked all people to wear masks as well as emphasize social distancing. In a press conference from Cairo, WHO’s director of the eastern Mediterranean region, Ahmed al-Mandhari, expressed concern about the growing Corona transition in the Middle East. He said that Corona cases were coming down during the period of strict lockdown, but now the cases are increasing again.

WHO has given a stern warning that Middle East countries
WHO has given a stern warning that Middle East countries

He said that the dreaded virus has sickened more than 3.6 million people in the last nine months and that more than 76,000 people have died in the region so far. Al-Mandhari warned that the lives of many people are at stake in the region, so the government is requested to take some concrete steps to rescue them as soon as possible.

The Europe head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says that if the masks were to be used 95 percent, then a new lockdown would not be needed. Hans Clugh, head of the WHO’s Europe office, said on Thursday that the lockdown imposed in countries such as Britain and France could have been prevented.

He said it should be seen as the ultimate standard or weapon to prevent corona infection. He said, ‘Use of the mask is not a’ panacea ‘in any situation, and it should be used with other standards. However, if the use of the mask reaches 95 per cent, then there is no need to impose lockdown.

‘Clugh further said that primary schools should be kept open during the second wave of Corona infection. Because, children are not spreading infection and keeping school closed is not an effective step.