research is needed on the effect of mutation (morphology) of the corona virus

Dr. Poonam Khetarpal Singh, Regional Director of South East Asia of WHO (World Health Organization) has said that India has been active from the very beginning regarding Covid-19. India is constantly expanding its preparedness and response standards, including preparing hospitals, arranging medicines and enhancing testing capacity.

Dr. Khetrapal said, ‘We are familiar with the variation in these capabilities at the state level in India. Such a situation is not uncommon in a country with large area and large population like India. The measures that have been taken may often not be equally adequate in all areas. There is a constant need in India to increase capacity and responsiveness’.
The total number of corona cases in India has gone up to 11 lakh 92 thousand 915. In the last 24 hours 37,724 new cases have been reported in the country and 648 people have died. Apart from this, 28,781 people have died due to this epidemic in the country so far. Four lakh 13 thousand 892 cases are active in the country and seven lakh 52 thousand 596 patients are cured.

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