WHO maps are repeatedly showing India’s borders incorrectly

World Health Organization (WHO) maps are repeatedly showing India’s borders incorrectly. India has strongly objected to this and has warned the global body for the third time. India has written a letter to WHO chief Tedros Adnom and asked to rectify the mistake.

According to the media report, India has stated very strongly in the letter that the wrong map should be corrected immediately. This letter has been written to WHO on this issue for the third time in the past month. Earlier, the WHO chief has been written twice in December. Last week, Indra Mani Pandey, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, briefed the WHO chief about this.

India said that videos and maps on the WHO portal were not showing their boundaries properly. In a letter to the WHO chief on 8 January, he wrote, “I will draw a map of the WHO web portal of India. I express my displeasure at the misrepresentation of borders. In this case, I would also like to remind myself of my previous messages.” WHO, in which we talked about these similar mistakes. I request you to not pay attention in this matter and stop displaying India’s borders incorrectly. Please use the correct map. “

WHO maps are repeatedly showing India's borders incorrectly
WHO maps are repeatedly showing India’s borders incorrectly

WHO maps show Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in a different shade than the rest of India. In addition, the Shaksgam Valley, spread over 5,168 square kilometers, which Pakistan illegally handed over to China in 1963, has been shown to be part of China. The Aksai Chin region occupied by China in 1954 is depicted in blue stripes. WHO shows the sugar area in a uniform color.

Printing the wrong map of the country is a crime under Indian law. There is a provision of six months in jail and fine for this. A senior official said that using the wrong map in WHO’s Covid-19 tracker which is used a lot around the world is very unfortunate. There have been allegations of nexus between the WHO and China. In such a situation, showing wrong map of India from his side is also under doubt.

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