WHO team will visit China next month to investigate the situation of the Covid-19 virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) team will visit China next month to investigate the situation of the Covid-19 virus. At the time this team’s tour of China was confirmed, at the same time the American website ProPublica.com and the newspaper New York Times have revealed that after the virus was exposed in China, the government’s planned effort to not reveal its seriousness. Had.

Although there is no new information in this disclosure, both these media have claimed that for the first time official documents in this regard have been revealed to the world. According to him, these documents confirm the discussions which have been prevalent in the Western media for the last one year.

For example, when a new type of viral attack was warned by Dr. Li Vinliang of Wuhan, he was threatened by the police. He was accused of spreading rumors. Lee himself died of an infection with Covid-19. Despite this, China’s censor authorities stepped up efforts to suppress the truth.

On the one hand, government officials issued instructions to stop publishing inconvenient information, while on social media, a campaign was launched against those who provided such information. The website ProPublica and the New York Times have claimed that they now have copies of the instructions issued in this regard.

WHO team will visit China next month to investigate the situation of the Covid-19 virus
WHO team will visit China next month to investigate the situation of the Covid-19 virus

Documents claimed to have been leaked by both media outlets include more than 3,200 instructions, more than 1,800 memos and other files from China’s Internet regulator – Cyberspace Administration of China. These include computer codes and Internet files of Chinese company Urun Big Data Services. This company makes software for the local governments of China, through which the discussion on the Internet and the people participating in it are monitored.

Both media have said that they have been given these documents by a group of hackers. The group is named CCP Unmasked (Communist Party and China Expose). Apart from this, some documents from these two mediums have been obtained from a website called China Digital Times. This website monitors efforts to control the Internet in China.

Xiao Chiang, founder of the China Digital Times and a research scientist at the University of California, told ProPublica that China has made the system of censorship a political weapon. The system is well organized and integrated. It is run from government resources. Its purpose is not just to delete anything from the Internet. Rather, it is a powerful tool for mass goal-focused narrative preparation. Xiao said that this is a huge system and no other country has such a system.

The Cyberspace Administration of China Department was established in 2014 by Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is alleged that the purpose of this department is to centralize the management of internet censorship and publicity campaigns. Also, this department controls other aspects of digital policy. This department reports directly to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. According to experts, its importance is revealed by this.

According to the documents revealed, efforts to control coronavirus in China through this department started in the first week of January this year. Then all the news websites were issued instructions to publish only the information that the government would issue. Also Covid-19 should not be compared to SARS epidemic. Whereas the WHO had stated at the outset that there is a lot of similarity between these two infections.

Now that these documents have surfaced, the Western media is likely to intensify its campaign against China. Also, this can make the work of the WHO team difficult, because now it may have to check the authenticity of these documents and also the truth of the stories brought out.