World Health Organization is mired in a new controversy

The World Health Organization (WHO) is mired in a new controversy. He is accused of helping officials associated with the Italian Ministry of Health suppress a report. From that report, it is evident that Italy had largely ignored the corona virus epidemic in the initial period. The allegation is that if that report were in front of everyone, it would have helped other countries to deal with this epidemic. But WHO became a partner in hiding this report.

Italy was the first country in Europe, where the corona virus infection was most strongly killed. The report on the situation there was prepared by WHO scientist Francesco Jambon and his ten colleagues from several European countries. This study was done with the funds from Kuwait. The purpose of the study was to provide information to the countries that were still surviving the corona epidemic.

The British newspaper The Guardian published a report about the report in August last. It was said that the report was published on the WHO website on May 13. But the next day he was removed from there. The 102-page report, according to The Guardian, reported that Italy had not made any improvements since 2006 in its plan to deal with the epidemics. For this reason, he was not ready to face the new epidemic. But when the Corona epidemic struck, the lack of essentials was seen in the hospitals of Italy and there was a chaos.

World Health Organization  is mired in a new controversy
World Health Organization is mired in a new controversy

According to the information now revealed, the report was removed at the request of Renier Guerrera, assistant director general of the Strategic Initiative Department of WHO. Guerrera was director general of the Department of Disease Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Italy, from 2014 to 2017. Thus, it was his responsibility to update the preparatory plans to deal with the epidemic at that time. In the same period, the WHO and the European Center for Disease Prevention issued new guidelines regarding the epidemic plan. But it was ignored in Italy. Now Guerrera is also a member of the task force set up in Italy to deal with the Covid-19.

In Italy, retired Army General Pier Paolo Lunelli has also prepared a separate investigation report. It says that if enough scientific protocols were followed to deal with the epidemic in hospitals, then about ten thousand people could be saved from dying.

Now an investigation has been initiated into the matter of pressing WHO report in Italy. But it is alleged that WHO is not cooperating in this. He has blocked the way Jambon is presented to investigators based on technical questions. While Jambone has stated that they are ready to testify. Jambone is associated with WHO and is currently posted in Venice.

In a conversation with The Guardian, Jambon said that when he prepared the report, Guerrera threatened him saying that if the report was not changed to the whims of him, he would get him dismissed.

In its clarification on the dispute, the WHO has said that it is currently working with the Italian government to clarify the situation on the issue. He said that when the report was not published, it was decided that the epidemic-related reports would be prepared following a new way to avoid mistakes. Meanwhile, the report was published on the website, which was removed and caused confusion. The Italian Ministry of Health has ruled out any complicity in the matter.

However, at the time WHO’s credibility is very important to the world, it is regrettable to raise new questions on its role. In the early days of the Corona epidemic, the organization was also accused of being negligent in attempts to suppress it in China. Now his role has become more suspicious due to the new controversy.

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