World may suffer from prolonged instability after the Corona epidemic

After the Corona epidemic, the world may suffer from prolonged instability. This can result in a fundamental change in the form of political and economic systems in the coming years. This warning has been given by the US intelligence agencies. This report, published as the ‘Annual Threat Assessment’, states – “The economic consequences of the epidemic may worsen the instability situation in some or perhaps many countries.” Increased pressures due to economic decline, loss of jobs and disruptions in the supply chain may make people more eager. ā€¯Intelligence agencies say that due to severe economic conditions, internal conflicts in countries increase, cross-border migration (displacement) The risk of rise and fall of national governments has increased.

The ‘Annual Threat Assessment’ report of US intelligence agencies is released every year. But in 2020, the report could not be released due to a confrontation between the former Donald Trump administration and the Congress (Parliament). So this time, after two years, the assessment of US intelligence agencies about the world has come out. Thus, this is the first time that he has come to know about the impact of the Corona epidemic inside the US and on the world.

Regarding the domestic conditions of America, this report warns that the threat of homegrown militants has increased for America. These are militants who are not inspired by foreign extremist groups such as al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (IS). According to the report, these indigenous militants are influenced by racial, anti-government or anti-incumbency thinking. These people are inspired by the spirit of white supremacy, neo-Nazi or cultural extremist nationalism.

World may suffer from prolonged instability after the Corona epidemic
World may suffer from prolonged instability after the Corona epidemic

The report noted that since 2015, white supremacist militants have carried out 26 fatal attacks, killing 141 people. Significantly, last month, TV channel CNN reported another assessment of intelligence agencies. According to him, due to the perception of rigging in the last presidential election, there is a possibility of further increase in the activities of white supremacist extremism in the coming years.

On the external front, the report warns that China and Russia are trying to take advantage of the crisis arising out of the Corona epidemic. Both countries have tried to increase their influence on the world by way of vaccine diplomacy. China has also provided other medical assistance. The report has raised doubts that China has made spying equipment available to many countries through medical aid materials.

Intelligence agencies have said that Russian activities, in particular, are the biggest intelligence threat to the US. Now Russia sees the US election as an opportunity through which it can reduce the status of America in the world. It was in this thinking that he tried to interfere indirectly in the 2020 election. Apart from this, Russia is also constantly trying to plant seeds of confrontation in American society and influence the decision-making process of America.

Regarding China, the report says that it is trying to change the political atmosphere in America in such a way that policies can be made here to its advantage. Intelligence agencies are of the opinion that China had also considered influencing the 2020 US presidential election, but in reality doing so pulled back the move.

Regarding Iran, the US intelligence agencies assess that at the moment Iran is not taking necessary steps to make nuclear weapons. But it has initiated some activities that violate the 2015 nuclear deal.

Intelligence agencies are concerned that the Corona epidemic is not yet under control. According to the report, the hope of developing the vaccine arose. Despite this, the economic consequences of the new wave of epidemics this year may be more severe than before. In that case, the challenges will become more serious for the governments of different countries and the risk of instability will deepen.

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