"Brand Ambassador" of Assam's agriculture

Zuben Garg, the heartthrob from Assam, will be joining the people of Assam from November through the Agriculture Protest. Zuben Garg is involved in the “Patharo Amar Bazarro Amar” scheme through a self-help scheme under the state government. Popular artist Zuben Garg on Tuesday observed various schemes under Livestock and Hah Kukura Nigam.

Zubin Garg and his wife Garima Shaikia Garg are hopeful that Thalgiri and Vrindavan Marts will also enable local artists and youth to become self-reliant. Education movement, culture movement and agricultural movement are supported by Zuben Garge. Zuben Garg is keen to carry out agrarian movement from the streets to the markets without middlemen.

Zuben-Garima was accompanied by Manoj Shaikia, Principal, Livestock and Hah Kukura Nigam, while addressing the media on Tuesday. Principal Manoj Shaikiai is happy to involve Zuben in the government scheme.

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